Special olympics research papers

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It is created from. The Special Olympics is the world's largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, The Special Olympics Europe Eurasia Regional Research centre is based at the University of Ulster Jordanstown and is jointly led by Professor Roy McConkey and Professor David Hassan.

As I volunteered in the Special Olympics, I gradually learned more and more, and became more comfortable with this group. There are special institutions or places, such as the Special Olympics, where the mentally disabled can associate with each other, and other average volunteers.

1992 Summer Olympics

/5(3). The Research Bibliography lists citations for all research papers commissioned by Special Olympics and other papers related to intellectual disability. History and Mission Facts. Special Olympics’ research into intellectual disability, and perceptions of those who have intellectual disability, is a catalytic force for social and policy change around the globe.

See a list of research studies commissioned by Special Olympics. Students With Special Needs Using Project Based Learning - My goal with this action research plan is to examine and assess my classroom practices and then consider different practices that will not only engage students but empower them to take the lead in learning.

Special olympics research papers
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