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Rana Zamin Abbas

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Rana Zamin Abbas

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There is no systematic, planned and organized effort of Muslims advancement in research, education, trade & industry, science & technology, political & economic stability etc. On the other hand, the. Zamin Abbas, Rana and Rafay, Abdul and Ahmad, Zulfqar and Kitchlew, Naveeda, An Exploratory Study of SHRM Practices in Developing Countries: A Case of Public Sector Organization GSP - With Reference to John Mcauley's Perspectives (March 31, ).

Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, Vol. 2, No. 11, Rana Zamin Abbas Nazir Ahmed Malik Starting with the term civilization in singular and plural sense, this paper covers the relevant literature of “clash of civilization as a Paradigm” and then goes on to explore “the cause of civilizational clash” from the research microscope of authentic sources.

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This page is the most comprehensive directory rana zamin abbas research papers of Iranian resources and sites on the internet Article ID Author Title Submission Date Status; Yatini: Effectiveness of Laboratory Physical Modelling in Acquiring the Response rana zamin abbas research papers of Time Domain Induced.

title of paper. Rana Zamin Abbas, is currently working as a Senior Research Associate in School of Business and Economics at University of Management and Technology (UMT).Industry: Research.

Rana zamin abbas research papers
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